Chris' Endorsements




San Marcos Police Association Endorsement

The SMPOA has always made a commitment to serve the citizens of San Marcos with Honesty, Integrity, and Excellence since it was established in 1995. With that said, the SMPOA has elected to endorse Chris Johnson for Hays County Court at Law No. 2. We believe that Chris will best serve all citizens of San Marcos and Hays County.

Let’s elect Chris Johnson as Judge Hays County Court at Law #2.

Hays County is my home and a really excellent place to live. It is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation and quality of life has a great deal to do with that. Our excellent law enforcement folks are another reason families move here because a safe County is what Hays County strives to be. Hays County law enforcement has strongly endorsed Chris Johnson. I am a U S Marine with honorable service during the Vietnam Era & met Chris while serving as a volunteer assisting the development of Hays County Veterans Court alongside the Honorable Judge Linda Rodriguez, former Hays County Judge. Chris has a terrific knowledge of the law and good balance of legal standards blended with appropriate and measured concern for our returning military servicemen and servicewomen re-adjusting to life after war trauma. I was in the courtroom on many occasions observing how cases were handled and always came away impressed with his brilliant litigation skills and ability to make prudent legal decisions without sidestepping or needing clarifications from anyone.

Chris is a very dedicated advocate of justice. He has a good moral compass which will guide his conduct on and off the bench. He knows exactly how to apply the law and will do an exceptional job as our Judge. Vote Chris Johnson “It’s the Right thing to do.”
— Alan Cameron, San Marcos, TX

I came to know Chris Johnson as a prosecuting attorney at the Hays County District Attorney’s Office. He is one of the most hard-working and ethical people that I know. Chris’s knowledge of the law and pursuit of justice make him an excellent candidate for County Court at Law Judge. He understands public service and has a commitment to the rule of law. Chris Johnson is by far the best choice for the people of Hays County.
— John Couch, Attorney at Law

It is with a great and sincere pleasure that I am able to write this endorsement, for such a great man. I’ve known Chris Johnson for the better part of five years now. I met him during my tenure at the Hays County District Attorney’s Office. During this time, he became a friend, a mentor and someone I came to admire for his honor, integrity and his quest to do what is right to ensure justice is done - despite it not always being the most popular or easiest route for himself. These are attributes that are synonymous with what I, and most would associate with what they would expect out of any Judge. Chris will undoubtedly carry these qualities with him to bench if elected. Please join me in voting for Chris Johnson for Judge of County Court at Law No. 2. He will serve this County and represent the people as they deserve.
— McClendon “Sage” Bross

I believe Chris will restore justice and fairness to the bench. Chris has always been very reasonable and willing to listen and work things out. And he’s super cool!
— McKinley Melancon, Attorney at Law

As a criminal defense attorney, I have had the pleasure of working against Chris on various cases since 2007. He is passionate about his work and takes the job of “seeking justice” seriously. His knowledge of court procedure is stellar. More importantly, he is an honorable person, respectful to all. After a rather contentious trial we were involved with, Chris and I were in the hallway talking afterwards. Some jurors poked their heads in the hall. They looked surprised, expecting us to be in a fist-fight. Instead, they found us providing each other constructive criticism to better ourselves as attorneys. Chris will fight for what he believes is right, but is professional about it. County Court at Law No. 2 needs to restore credibility in the community. Chris can do that. I’m proud to have him as a friend and believe he will be an excellent Judge.
— Alex Aguirre, Attorney at Law

Integrity & Justice are inseparable:  My vote for Chris Johnson.
Chris Johnson for Judge for Hays County Court at Law No. 2. Chris recognizes and deeply believes in the relationship between personal integrity and the administration of Justice; that respect for the Law is inseparable from respect for the administrators of the Law. Chris Johnson is the same man in public and in private, and he will provide the unquestioned honor and integrity that is essential to judicial service. Chris Johnson will serve our community in the manner we deserve and should demand. I hope you will join with me in voting for Chris Johnson.
— A J Bergeron

I had the pleasure of working alongside Christopher Johnson for almost eight years at the District Attorney’s Office, with most of that time being a part of the Family Justice Division. I can say with complete confidence that he is one of the most honorable men I have ever met and that he will work tirelessly to restore the faith that has been lost in the criminal justice system here in Hays County. Mr. Johnson understands that justice is for all, not just for those that can afford it and his track record as a Prosecutor shows that. He acknowledges that no two cases are the same, no decision is made lightly or uninformed and I know that he will bring this logical thinking to the courtroom as the Judge for Hays County Court at Law #2. I am truly privileged to know such a man and call him a friend, but not nearly as much as I am privileged to vote for such a man. Please join me in electing the candidate that will bring duty, honor, and justice back into the courtoom. Elect Christopher Johnson as Judge for Hays County Court of at Law #2.
— Allison Jordan
Former Victim Services Coordinator for Hays County District Attorney's Office
March 2007 - February 2015

I endorse Chris Johnson for being a great and wonderful dad. I know he will be a good judge.
— Matthew Johnson